An analysis of Middle East Market by SENTA, 2019

2019-03-07 13:58:00  Events

Dubai, long synonymous with oil reserves, is a swanky commercial hub, rich in oil and poor in money.There are tall buildings and gold everywhere.It was awesome, it was luxurious

Renewable energy is at the heart of a major shift in the electricity industry in the Middle East and north Africa, making the region one of the largest potential markets for renewable energy, according to Middle East economic digest.

The Middle East has been slow to develop renewable energy given its huge oil and gas reserves, so MEE 2019 highlights the big opportunity of smart technology,IoT lighting and AI.

Why is there Middle east market?

The Middle East and north Africa region is one of the regions with the highest solar radiation in the world, which is the ideal place for PV and CSP technologies.(CSP: the first practical solar equipment -- concentrated solar thermal power generation project launched in dubai in 2013)

According to the international renewable energy commission (Irena), based in the united Arab emirates, GCC countries cover nearly 60% of the "global sunbelt" and are well suited for PV solar power, with the development of just 1% of these areas generating 470GW of electricity.

2)Given the favorable climate in the Middle East and north Africa, large areas of uninhabited deserts are prime locations for wind power.

3)3) the demand for power in the Middle East and north Africa is accelerating.At the same time, governments in the region are also vigorously promoting the process of industrial diversification, which will keep the region's demand for electricity growing vigorously in the next 30 years.