Enterprise Tenet:
The idea is based on GREEN/ CLEAN/ CONTINUE; The core is based on EFFICIENT/ HIGH QUALITY/ HONESTY; The source is based on CONVENIENT/ SERVICE/ BENEFIT; The impetus is based on REALISTIC/ INNOVATION/ PROGRESS; Senta Energy will build green ecological homestead together with you!

Internal Precepts:
Repeat doing simple matters, to do important things with hart, and try to do diligent things with innovative ways.
Marketing Concepts : 
We only produce high quality products, construct high reliable projects, high quality service, build ecological homestead.
Quality Concepts :
The excellent products are always made by excellent staffs; high-end industries are always conducted by high-end enterprises!
Efficiency Concepts :
Quick reaction, immediate action, just show your total skills.
Service Concepts : 
Customers are always correct, must accept all reasonable request without any conditions.
Benefit Concepts : 
Customer’s benefit maximization must be first; this is the benefit sources of Senta Energy.